Metal Buildings

AllMetal has been designing steel buildings of all sizes from mega churches, shopping malls, industrial warehouses and large agricultural barns, experience matters!

AllMetal can fabricate commercial and residential steel buildings of virtually any width, length or height ? our only limitation is your imagination. We can tailor our building designs to achieve your desired look, whether you are switching from concrete to steel, or aiming for a traditional or contemporary style.

AllMetal offers a variety of color, roof, and siding options from which customers can choose. During the design process, we?ll discuss additional options such as downspouts and gutters, roof and wall insulation, and other accessory choices in an effort to help create a custom metal building that is ideally suited for its intended use. And our superior paint system comes with a warranty that guarantees against peeling, fading, chalking or cracking for 40 years!

The steel buildings available from AllMetal can be used for a wide variety of commercial and residential purposes, offering greater benefits than you?ll find with virtually any other conventional construction materials.

Why Choose AllMetal?

Low Maintenance

A steel building is easier to maintain and clean than structures made of wood or brick. And our superior paint warranty guarantees against peeling, fading, chalking or cracking.

Energy Efficient

Proper insulation can save money on heating and cooling costs. With the right insulation, animals or livestock can be housed in a steel building.


Steel buildings do not rot like wood and can stand up to constant use and strong weather conditions, including wind, rain, snow, and seismic events.

Pest Resistant

Metal is not susceptible to termites and other destructive pests.

Fire Retardant

Steel is not susceptible to fire hazards.

Save on Insurance

Because of its superior strength and durability, as well as its resistance to fire and other natural disasters, your insurance costs may be lower if you choose a steel building over other materials.

Metal Building Uses


Auto Dealers










Manufacturing & Warehouses

If you're looking for a high-quality steel building for commercial or residential needs, contact us today!